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Solbio Original Toilet Liquid

Solbio Original Toilet Liquid

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Say goodbye to unpleasant odors in your motorhome toilet with Solbio's new toilet liquid. This 100% biodegradable sanitary fluid contains plant-based ingredients, including a fresh combination of eucalyptus and mint oil, that are gentle on the environment. The liquid comes in a convenient bag that is easy to store, and its contents can be safely disposed of in a septic tank. Solbio's unique formula effectively neutralizes unwanted odors and leaves your toilet smelling fresh and clean. Plus, the innovative and environmentally friendly packaging adds to its appeal.

Details about the product:

Content: Exclusively natural ingredients
Filling quantity: 1.6l (40 dosages)
Details: 4-in-1: for waste water tank, flushing water tank, waste water tank - self-cleaning

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