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Solar Awning String Lights - Camperflower

Solar Awning String Lights - Camperflower

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+++ New version: Even stronger luminosity and dimmable in 4 stages +++

Camperflower's Solar Awning String Lights are 10m of solar-powered illumination. Its integrated panel provides up to 12 hours of light with no additional power source needed. Featuring a 7m and 3m strand of 100 soft, warm white LEDs, the string is easy to install with included keder rail hooks and the included clip to attach the panel directly to the underside of an awning.

Details about the product:

The Camperflower Solar Awnings String Lights are delivered in a practical transport box with instructions. It contains the following components:

    • 1 x fastening clamp
    • 1 x solar panel with battery (2xAA) with 10m string of lights divided into two parts (3m & 7m)
    • 3 x acrylic awning hooks for attaching the string of lights to the piping rail

Technical features:

  1. Solar panel: 2V / 250mA / 0.5W / IP44 standard
  2. Battery: 2x 1.2V / 1200mAh Ni-MN (type AA) (included in the set)
  3. Awning hooks:
    • Material: acrylic transparent
    • Load capacity: 2kg
    • Keder rail: 6mm
  4. String lights:
    • 3V / 200mA / 0.6W (A+)
    • A total of 10 meters, in two legs: 3m (30 LEDs) and 7m (70 LEDs)
    • 0.5m connection cable
    • Material: soft wire
    • Color: warm white
    • Dimmable: 4 levels
    • Service life: 10,000 hours

Assembly instructions:

  1. Turn on the solar panel with the ON/OFF button. NOTE: The string of lights only lights up when is dark on the solar panel.
  2. Dim the lights using the dim button. The string of lights can be dimmed over 4 levels.
  3. Attach the solar panel with the bracket to the awning and align it with the sun.
  4. Install the string of lights with the help of the awning hooks for the piping rail over the entire length of the awning.
  5. As soon as the sun has set and no more light falls on the solar panel, the string of lights begins to shine. The brightness can be adjusted and the solar panel switched off via the buttons of the solar panel.
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