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Offrotie Stainless Steel Plates - 3M adhesive for magnets

Offrotie Stainless Steel Plates - 3M adhesive for magnets

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Our Stainless Steel Round Plates are 40mm in diameter and designed to be used with any of the magnetic accessories using rubberized magnet with ø43mm in diameter and rated at 10kg.

Key Features:

- Versatile Use: Create a metal surface anywhere around your van, camper or RV. Then use one of our magnetic accessories perfect for outdoor showers in campers, vans, RVs, indoors or outdoors. The possibilities are endless!
- Personalization: Personalize the space exactly how you want it

- Ease of use: Remove the tape on the adhesive dots and glue to your desire surface. If you want to remove it, you can use a plastic card or not so sharp knife, watching to not scratch the surface. Use light alcohol to clean the surface.

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