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Flextrash Vacuclip

Flextrash Vacuclip

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This Flextrash Vacuclip is just right for smooth surfaces! With the suction cup, the flex tray can be easily attached and moved. For example, on the wall in the bathroom, in the kitchen or on the outside of the camper. The substrate must not have a structure, but must have a completely smooth base. As soon as the place has a structure, we recommend the wallmount.

The trash can that travels with you! A sustainable, practical trash can that avoids waste! Washable in the washing machine, made of recycled PET and designed by the Dutch top designer Basten Leijh. So also a 100% Dutch design. Thanks to a wide selection of clips, you can attach the flex trash to all possible places. Flextrash donates 50% of the net profit to charities that fight against the plastic soup.

Details about the product:

Material: Recycled PET
Details: Compatible with all Flextrash waste buckets, must be purchased separately.

Flextrash Clips (optional, must be purchased separately):

Find here the different mounting options with which you can optimally place your trash can.
- Flextrash Campstick (just stick it in the ground, perfect for the outdoor area)
- Flextrash dash clip (for the glove compartment)
- Flextrash flip clip (behind the driver's seat on the metal supports of the headrest)
- Flextrash Tableclip (table or worktop with a thickness of 1-4cm)
- Flextrash tube clip (e.g. for ladder, stroller, tents, pipes)

Note from us at Offrotie: We recommend this product since we personally use it ourselves and we have been very happy with it.

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