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The Ring – Magnetic Plant Holder ø100mm – Offrotie 3D Printed – Portable for Vanlife

The Ring – Magnetic Plant Holder ø100mm – Offrotie 3D Printed – Portable for Vanlife

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Product Description:

Elevate your vanlife experience with the Offrotie Magnetic Plant Holder, or we call it, The Ring. Our holder, designed and produced in Germany, is a testament to innovation and practicality, ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. Bring your favourite plant with you, and decorate your interior or exterior. Use the plant holder to hold your favourite plant, even when driving, with our metal plates. Combine it with our flower pot for infinite functionality. We want to enable you to bring your plants with you!

Key Features:

- Versatile Use: Perfect for creating the right atmosphere in campers, vans, RVs, indoors and outdoors. Indoors, the plant holder can be paired with any metal surface or our metal plates, allowing you to bring your favourite plant along with you. Outdoors, take your plant holder with plant outside, leave it magnetically attached to your vehicle for the duration of your camping stay, it is that simple!
- Durable Material: Made from ASA plastic, known for its UV, temperature resistance, and durability. Ideal for long-term outdoor/indoor use.
- Color Options: Available in three sleek colors – Light Beige, Black and Gray, to match your style.
- Magnetic Convenience: Features two rubberized magnet (ø43mm rated at 10kg) on the plant holder, ensuring a secure hold on metal surfaces of at least 2mm thickness (like a refrigerator door). The rubber coating provides high protection against paint scratches. It is recommended to clean the metal surface before attaching the magnets to ensure optimal adhesive force.The magnets can be used on top of foils and rubber coating is UV-resistant.
- Easy setup: The plant holder can be easily attached to any metal surface, then insert the pot plant on any position, the design ensures perfect fit on any orientation for a seamless placement. The Ring can hold up to 2kg – suitable for any standard plant with  diameters of ø100mm.
- Extra Safety: Rubberized magnets prevent paint scratches and are UV-resistant, suitable for foiled surfaces.
- 3D Printed Perfection: Embrace the unique charm of 3D printing. Note that minor imperfections are a hallmark of 3D printing, but all products meet our high-quality standards.
- Measurements: Plant Holder - 10.5cm W x 14cm D x 4cm H

Optional Add-Ons:

- Stainless Steel Plates: Get the kit with 2 stainless steel round plates (ø40mm diameter each) with a removable nanoadhesive pad for creating a metal surface at your desired location. Check Offrotie Stainless Steel Metal Plates.
- Magnetic Plant Holder and Flower Pot Kit – Offrotie 3D Printed: Pair The Ring with our Flower Pot to bring more plants with you. Check Magnetic Plant Holder and Flower Pot Kit.

Scope of Delivery:

- 1x Plant Holder with 2 magnets
- Pouch for easy storage.

Safety and Care Instructions:

- Safety First: Keep away from children to avoid injury from squeezing or sharp edges from broken magnets. Strong magnetic fields can affect or damage electronic devices. Pay particular attention for pacemakers, implanted defibrillators, hard drives, credit and debit cards, hearing aids and loudspeakers.
- Magnet Care: Avoid rapid collision with metal surfaces and keep away from electronic devices.
- Heat Sensitivity: Magnets lose adhesion above 80°C, so check the temperature before use.
- Detach and Drive: Always take your magnets inside your vehicle before driving away.

Supporting Small Businesses:

By choosing our product, you're supporting a small, dedicated team in Germany. We value your feedback and are here to assist with any questions. Reach out to us at for a personalized experience.

Embrace a life of convenience and style, whether on the road or at home, with The Ring - Magnetic Plant Holder ø100mm – Offrotie 3D Printed!

More Vanlife, Better living!

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