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The Blanket - Cuddly and Warm - Soft and Sustainable - Offrotie

The Blanket - Cuddly and Warm - Soft and Sustainable - Offrotie

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Product Description:

Elevate your vanlife experience or upgrade your home blanket with the Offrotie Cuddly Warm Blanket. The outter side of the blanket is made of waterproof Nylon, keeping you dry. The inner side is made of super soft fluffy beige cashmere, for the best cuddling experience. The whole blanket is made entirely from recycled material. The Offrotie Cuddly Warm Blanket is ideal for both outdoor and indoor use.

Key Features:

- Versatile Use: Perfect for outdoors while camping on the beach or in the mountains, either with your tent or camper van. Also as an elegant indoor solution when relaxing on the sofa . One side keeps you dry from the elements, while the other side keeps you warm. The possibilities are endless!
- Durable Material: The warm side of the blanket is made of recycled Sherpa fleece, a high-quality polyester fur sized at 220gsm. The colored side is made of Nylon, a polyamide, with a 70D graded water-repellent coating that keeps you dry. It is filled with feather polyester 100gsm. This perfect combination is as robust and durable as you can get. This blanket will keep up with all your extremes.
- Color Options: Available in GRAY-BLUE. More colors coming soon.
- Convenience: Easy to wash in the wool wash cycle at 30°C. The blanket comes of out washer like new, with pleasantly fresh feeling.
- Customizable: The blanket has 14 edged buttons with press studs, allowing you to wear it around your neck and arms without falling off. It can also be used as a sleeping bag or cape, or even connect it to another OFFROTIE blanket.
- Storage and Transport Bag: The corresponding packing bag, also made of Nylon with water-repellent coating, offers secure storage keeping the blanket neatly tight. The adjustable carrying strap with click closure ensures pleasant transport.
- Sustainable and certified: This blanket is 100% made from recycled materials. OekoTex and GRS certified

Dimensions and weight:

- Weight: Approx. 1250g
- Measurements: Blanket extended - 135cm W x 200cm D x 1.5cm H; Blanket stored in bag - 40cm W x 25cm D x 25cm H.


Scope of Delivery:

- 1x Cuddly Warm Blanket Offrotie
- 1x Storage and Transport Bag

Safety and Care Instructions:

- Safety First: Keep the blanket at a reasonable distance away from bonfires or fire pits to avoid burning your blanket.
- Blanket Care: Wash your blanket at 30°C on the wool cycle. After the wash cycle, hang your blanket and let it dry on the air. Do not dry your blanket in the dryer machine. 
- Heat Sensitivity: Nylon polyester should not be in contact with surface temperature in excess of 80°C.

Supporting Small Businesses:

By choosing our product, you're supporting a small, dedicated team in Germany. We value your feedback and are here to assist with any questions. Reach out to us at for a personalized experience.

Embrace a life of convenience and style, whether on the road or at home, with the Offrotie Cuddly Warm Blanket!

More Vanlife, Better living!


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